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NJIRM Vol 3 Issue 2

Page history last edited by Chinmay Shah 11 years, 4 months ago

National Journal of Integrated Research in Medicine

(Open access peer reviewed Indexed Journal)

eISSN : 0975-9840, pISSN:  2230 – 9969


NJIRM 2012; Vol.3(2). April-June


Table of Contents


original article



Seroprevalence of Sporadic Acute Viral Hepatitis With Their Co-Infection At Tertiary Care Hospital



Dr. Shah Hetal S., Dr. Patel Disha A., Dr. Patel Sangeeta D. , Dr. Vegad Mahendra M.



Comparison of Germ Tube Production By Candida Albicans In Various Media



Dr. Gopee E. Makwana, Dr. Hiral Gadhavi , Dr. Mala Sinha



A Study of Anaerobic Organisms in Clinically Suspected Cases of Anaerobic Infections



Dr. Ravindra Jadeja



Seroprevalence of HIV in Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Clinic In A Health Institution In Ahmedabad, Gujarat



Dr. Bhalodia Jignasa N., Dr. Patel Parul C. , Dr. Oza Hiren V.



Seroprevalence Of Chlamydial Infection In Patients Attending STD 



Dr.V. Ramadevi, Dr. K. Kamal chand



Evaluation of Response to Donor Notification of Reactive Transfusion Transmitted Infections (TTIs) Result



Dr. Piyush Patel, Dr. Sangeeta Patel, Dr. Jaymin Bhatt, Dr. NidhiBhatnagar,Dr. Maitrey Gajjar , Dr. Mamata Shah



To Evaluate the Involvement of Autonomic Nervous System during Pre and Post Menstrual Phases in Young Women



Dr. K. Kamal chand, Dr.V. Rama devi, Dr. B. Syamala devi , Dr .CH. Srinivas



To Investigate the Antioxidant Property of GINGER-JUICE (ZINGIBER OFFICINALE ROSCOE) Using Established Antioxidant Parameters



Dr.S.S.Prasad, Dr.S.K.Vajpeyee, Dr. V.H. Bhavsar



Profile Of HIV Positive Clients In An ICTC Of A Private  Medical College, Andhra Pradesh: A Situational Analysis



Dr. V. M. Kommula,  Dr.A K. Mishra, Dr.Kusneniwar G.N, Dr.S. N. Chappa, Dr. Raghava Rao. K. V.



Ultrasonographic  Study  Of Correlation Between Development  Of Gallstones With  Morphology  



Of Gallbladder And Common Bile Duct In North Indian Population



Dr. Nema Usman, Dr. Rakesh Gupta , Dr. Swati Khan, Dr. Saurabh Mittal



Clinical Significance Of Occurrence Of Osteophytes and Its Effect On Sagittal Diameter Of The Cervical Spinal Canal In Indian Population: Morphometric And Radiological Analysis Of Cervical Spinal Canal



Dr. Rajesh Astik , Dr. Urvi H. Dave



Stature Estimation From Tibial Length



Dr Ashita Kaore, Dr B.P.Kaore , Dr Ashish Kamdi ,  Dr Shobha kaore



Study of Pterion And Incidence Of Epipteric Bones In Dry Human Skulls Of Gujarat



Dr. Chirag R. Khatri, Dr. Sumit Gupta, Dr. Jagdish S. Soni



A Study Of Inter-Pedicular Distances Of The Lumbar Vertebrae Measured In Dried Vertebrae in Gujarat 



Dr. Patel JP, Dr.Chauhan JM, Dr. Nirvan AB, Dr. Shah RK+, Dr. Pensi CA++, Dr. Dave RV+++



Histological Study of Adenomatous Goitre



Dr. Vipul P. Prajapati, Dr. Jyoti C. Nayak, Dr. Kinnar S. Desai, Dr. H.R.Jadav, Dr. H.R.Shah, Dr. C.A.Pensi



Morphological Study of Variations of Lung Fissures and Lobes-



Dr.Zarna Patel, Dr.S.M.Patel, Dr.S.M.Chaudhari, Dr.Shaival  B.Shah, Dr.Jignesh Vadgama



Study Of Arcuate Foramen In  Atlas Vertebrae In Gujarat Region



Dr.Zarna Patel, Dr.Ankur Zalawadia, Dr. C.A.Pensi



Dynamics Of Listserv Discussion On Educational Research



Dr. Latha Rajendra Kumar, Dr. Komaladevi Sampath Damodar, Thomas Chacko



Academic Counselling: Impact of an Intervention Program on Medical Students of Pharmacology



Dr. Anupama Sukhlecha, Dr. Bhumika J Patel, Dr. Suresh D Mistry



Effect of Amnioinfusion on Outcome of Neonates Born With Meconium Stained Amniotic Fluid



Dr Pareshkumar A. Thakkar, Dr Sheila Aiyer



Effect of Flour Dust on Lung Volumes and Capacities  in Flour Mill Workers



Dr. Sukhjinder K. Dhillon, Dr. Roopam Bassi,Dr. Richa Ghay Thamman



Factors Influencing Infant Deaths In A Tribal Area Of South Gujarat



Dr. Amul Patel, Dr. Savitri Chauhan



Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Mothers Regarding Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) In Urban And Rural Communities Of Ahmedabad District, Gujarat



Dr.Bipin jayantilal Prajapati , Dr.Nitiben J Talsania, Dr.Mrudula K Lala, Dr.K N Sonalia



Nutritional Status of Kashmiri Children (2-10 years) Suffering from Parasitic Infestation: A Hospital Based Study



Rafiya Nisar,  F. A. Masoodi,  Vikas Doshi, Bilal Ahmad Bhat



Profile Of Unnatural Deaths In Bhuj (Gujarat):  A Retrospective Study



Dr.Prithvirajsinh Vaghela



Strategic Use Of MCQs In Undergraduate Medical Students To Improve Objectivity Of Formative Assessment 



Dr.Meenakshi Gupta, Dr.Geeta Sharma, Dr.Rana Arun GopalKrishan Pal,



Dr.RichaGhay Thaman, Dr.Deepika Tikoo



A Cross-Sectional Study of Ocular Morbidity in Urban Slums Non-schooling Children of Ahmedabad City, Gujarat



Dr. Niti Talsania, Dr.Alka shah , Dr. Himanshu Nayak , Dr.Vipul Prajapati 



Thrombocytopenia In P. Vivax Malaria



Dr. Himanshu A. Joshi, Dr. Seema S. Shah



Seroprevalence of Anti-HCV Antibodies In HIV Positive Persons At G.G. Hospital Jamnagar



Dr.Kalpesh Mistry, Dr. Govind L Ninama , Dr. Rakesh Rajat   , Dr.Rosy Parmar, 



Dr.Y.S. Goswami, Dr. Hardik Bhavsar, Dr. Manish Pattani



Cigarette Smoking As a Risk Factor For Periodontal Disease Severity



Dr. Sreedhar A, Dr. Shobha Prakash



Prevalence Of Tooth Wear In Patients Attending The Department Of Periodontics, Manipal College Of Dental Sciences, Manipal



Dr. David K., Dr. K Mahalinga Bhat



Effect of Yoga On Anxiety Score And Resting Heart Rate In Young Healthy Individuals



Dr. Ranjita Mehrotra, Dr. A. V. Phadke,Dr. J. S. Kharche ,Dr.A.Pranita , Dr.A.R.Joshi



Medical Treatment Modalities of Oral Sub Mucous Fibrosis



Jayavelu.P, Sambandan.T



Early Mobilization with Double Elbow Crutches on Stability and Functional Knee Score in PatientsWith Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair.



Shaji John Kachanathu



Effectiveness of Play Therapy over Conventional Physiotherapy in Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsy Children



Dr. Neeti P. Buddhadev, Dr. Bharat Arya



Physiotherapists’ Perception of Patient Compliance to Home Exercises in Chronic Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy



Dr. Neeti P. Buddhadev



Review Article 



Aging and Its Theories



Dr. Preeti Jain, Dr. Roopam Jain, Dr. Anupam Kumar Jain, Dr. Manisha Jindal, Dr. R. Dixit



Case Report



Rehabilitation of Teeth Affected By Amelogenesis Imperfecta In Mixed Dentition Period



Dr. Saurabh Kumar , Dr. Runki Saran



Maxillofacial Prosthetic Rehabilitation of a Cancer Patient at Terminal Stage



Dr. Arun Dupare, Dr. Roshni Dupare, Dr. Lata Dupare



A Case Study On Wilson’s Disease  (Westphal- Strümpell Pseudosclerosis)



Dr .Vishal Sadatia, Dr.Ritesh Vekariya, Dr.Manish Bavaliya, Dr.Mehul Patel



Dengue Fever in Postoperative Period Following Hysterectomy



Dr.Shah Jitesh M, Dr.Mehta Meghana N



Intraoral Chondroid Lipoma with Ossification – An Unusual Case



Dr. Madhuri Kate, Dr. Pruthviraj Jaybhaye, Dr. Nidhi Chaturvedi



Non Aggressive Yet Massive Central Giant Cell Granuloma Of The Mandible



Dr. Pankajakshi Bai K, Dr. Harvey Thomas, Dr. Mamatha N. S, Dr. Shivaraj Wagdargi



Empyema Necessitatis Complicated To Paravertebral Abscess – A Rare Case Of Primary Multidrug Resistance Tuberculosis.



Dr.Anand Agrawal



Errata and Author Corrections-Congenital Malformation - A Biological  Accident



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